Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Are You Feeling Green in a Good Way?

Many of you may be formiliar with the term "going green". I am not referring to feeling sick, but an environmental awareness! It's a great way to start taking care of ourselves and Earth. Going green has to do with global warming and making the world a safer and healthier place. I heard about this idea through my event internship. Many meetings are going green, as well as hotels. Hotels are using solar panels. It's a great and motivational tool. Hybrid cars are a part of this process. This video will give you a better idea of what this great idea entails!

Sports and Career Fair

Well, an unfortunate even happened last night. The ASU basketball team was defeated with a score of Florida - 70 pts. to ASU - 57 pts. It happened to our football team and now our basketball team, losing that is. ASU's basketball team had 9 wins and 9 losses the whole season. Yet, U of A had 8 wins and 10 losses and they were chosen for March Madness? It baffles me, but too little, too late! Luckily, we have a great baseball team, so there's hope!!! I have to admit, I haven't followed up much on the ASU sports until this year. In the previous years, they haven't done so great, so this has come to a great surprise! This afternoon, ASU is hosting a career fair! This is a wonderful way to network and meet future employers. I strongly advise you to partake in this event if you decide ASU is for you! One of the greatest things I have learned about the College of Public Programs is that they really set you up for a successful future. Just last week, there was a free resume training and consultation in the lobby of the University Center. In this case, you can perfect your resume, and go to the career fair the following week looking like a pro! ASU teams up with a bunch of employers that set up desks with information about their company. It allows you as a student, to get your name and face to the employer and set a lasting impact! It allows you to ask questions about their company and really get an outlook on what jobs may capture your interest. As I have told you, I am currently doing my internship. The employers that attend this event are not only looking for part-time and full-time employees, but interns as well! ASU even prepares you for the career fair, so you don't show up unprofessional and unprepared. Here is the link you can copy and paste to see the preparation process: Unfortunately, my blog won't allow me to insert a hyperlink, so you will have to do it the old fashioned way. I highly encourage you to participate in all functions such as these, in order to prosper in your future.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Hello everyone! Well I didn't get the chance to indulge in spring break. When it is your last semester as a tourism student, you have to partake in an intense internship. It consists of forty hour weeks and a lot of writing for the internship class. In turn, you don't have to attend any classes, because it is a 12 credit class. Springbreak is just another week of work for me, so I didn't get to enjoy it as many students do. I love my internship so it makes up for that! I do get to enjoy one thing this time of year and that is spring training! I am sure you gathered I am a Cubs fan by this point! Although we have waited a good 95 years for a championship, I feel our time will come! I was able to relax last Friday and watch them play the Angels. Everyone deserves some down time, and what better way then to enjoy 80 degree weather in March and watch your favorite baseball team play and lose! I have been working intensely with this internship, and have been working numerous events. I worked one yesterday at an Arabian horse stable in Carefree, Az. It was quite the commute! It was absolutely beautiful. We assisted the clients on to the buses at the Boulders Resort and to the horse stable. They enjoyed a beautiful Arabian set up dinner outside, and were able to watch a horse show. It was gorgeous to say the least! It was a long night and a long drive, but well worth it. It is nice to see different event venues and get acquainted with Arizona. Since I am from Chicago, it can get confusing at times and I am still learning where everything is after four years! I love doing events at the different resorts, because it is like a mini vacation for me! It is home away from home, so to speak!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Internship Is Amazing!,

My internship is such an adventure! It has been such a great learning experience! I am so busy with it though, that I don't have much time of a social life. If it will advance me in my career, then I don't mind not having a social life! Last Tuesday, I did an event for a bunch of loan officers. They were staying at the JW Marriott. I worked with a partnering company called Southwest Conference Planners. My responsibility was to get everyone registered and collect their business cards. We entered their names and business cards into the database. The company I worked with liked me so much, that they wanted to take me to Las Vegas with them. They had a conference there the following day, and they were flying out that night. Unfortunately, that was not enough time to get me a ticket and hotel room. It is still flattering that they even considered me. They said I had a great work ethic, and that it seemed like I was experienced in this field. This was the first time I ever worked a hospitality desk. I worked from 6 am until 11 am. It was a long morning, but everyone was so nice, so it went by quickly. I love experiencing all these different events. It really expands my knowledge on the whole event industry.I also worked with Yvette this whole week in her office. We processed receipts and went over time sheets. It sounds dull, but we make it fun! We have a great time in the office, and we really get to know each other a lot better, rather then working in a big office or at a big company. I have a good feeling about my future, and being able to network with other companies. I have already begun networking, and it has already shown it's benefits. This following week, Yvette will be in Boston. I get to take care of all the office work, and check in with other staff to make sure there jobs are going great! I can't wait to see what the future holds!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hey Everyone!

Hello students! I hope everyone is having a happy Tuesday!!! I am trying to show you some pictures from my past study abroad experiences! I wanted to show you the link to my newletter article as well. Dr. Teye is a very prestigious and renowned professor at ASU. Everyone who knows him, loves him, and everyone who has heard about him will learn to love him. He is in charge of the study abroad programs, and if it weren't for him, I probably would have missed many amazing opportunities throughout my college experience. Dr. Teye honored me by asking me to write an article in the International Programs newsletter, providing information about my study abroad experiences. He wanted my article to help recruit other college students to the study abroad program. People don't realize what an amazing experience it is! They don't understand it is blending culture, knowledge, and fun all together. I am so glad I took advantage of these programs and I strongly encourage you to do the same!!! Here is the link to my newsletter article. I hope you enjoy it!!!

Also, here are a few pictures of my travels. I want to insert a slideshow with them, but I need to talk to my fellow StARS for some tips on that!

Beautiful water

This is our cruise ship just sailing. I thought the water was beautiful, so I took this artsy shot. I thought it was amazing!

Aruba beach

This is a beautiful hut and beach in Aruba!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I have been so busy with my internship! I love it!!! Last week, I told you about Bondurant. Well, I had another event on Thursday, which was just as exciting, if not more! I went to the Phoenician and I had to help access about 40 lawyers on to a bus and to a restaurant called Furio. It has food that is American Fusion style, and it is set up as a lounge. It is very romantic and relaxing. It was a great environment for lawyers. My job for this event was to supervise the dinner and made sure everything went well. I had to make sure service was up to par and that the lawyers were having a pleasant evening. I sat at the bar area, which was far from the lawyers, but close enough to keep an eye on them. I worked on paperwork for my supervisor, and I was able to partake in the same four course meal the lawyers enjoyed. It was sensational! The appetizer consisted of crab cakes, artichoke dip, and a chicken pastry fluff. I then received a scrumptious salad with a vinagrette dressing. It was wonderful! The best part was the main course! I ordered parmesan covered shrimp on top of a prosciutto risotto. It was out of this world! Desert was, of course, the best! It was tiramisu! I was blown away that I was able to receive this delicious meal for free! After the meal, I helped escort the lawyers on to the bus and back to the Phoenician. It was a fun night, and I am so glad I am taking advantage of these experiences! I have been going to my supervisor's office and doing work she is unable to do. Right now, she is out of town on business and I am taking care of all her office duties. It is nice to take over responsibility and be entrusted with all these tasks. I am glad she can depend on me to get the work done! I absolutely love it and I am having a great time!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Seattle and Bondurant!

I know it has been awhile since I have posted anything. I apologize! I went to Seattle over the weekend and it was amazing! It is such a beautiful city! It was sunny all weekend and you could see a picture perfect view of Mount Rainier. The city is so old and historic, and there is so much to do! I know downtown Phoenix is well on it's way to becoming a built up, beautiful city. I came back on Monday and had to work an event on Tuesday. The event was at Bondurant Racing School right near Sheraton Wild Horse Pass. We were hosting the event for the top truck sellers at Daimler-Chrysler around the United States. The clients were extremely nice and so easy to work with! We had numerous activities for the people. They were able to drive a Corvette or Ferari. They could drive speed boats or just ride along on one. They could go to the casino. I was in charge of giving a breath-a-lyzer test to everyone who wanted to drive the speed boats. Luckily, everyone passed. After all the activities were done, a live band from Canada performed while the guests enjoyed a buffet dinner. The band was called Roadhammers, and apparently they are huge in Canada! We were able to enjoy the wonderful food even though we were part of the staff. We also could listen to the music and dance to it as well! It was such a great experience! I worked this event as part of my internship. If you become a tourism major, you can work wonderful events such as this! Tourism is not limited to event planning. You can work for a hotel, CVB, wedding planners, etc. If you decide you don't want to do your internship in Arizona, you can go anywhere in the United States. There are some instances where you can get an internship in a different country too! This major allows so many opportunities and opens so many different doors! I encourage you to take advantage of it!